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Het Kunstuur in Roeselare

Masterpieces by Belgian artists from the period 1850 – 1950, exhibited in a unique way. Flemish celebrities talk about their connection with the artist or artwork.

Now in Het Kunstuur Roeselare

First exhibition Roeselare runs from 21/03/23 till 17/03/24

"I sometimes wonder if Valerius De Saedeleer ever took the time to watch the Tour of Flanders."

Storytelling by Tom Boonen

Tom tells a story about Valerius De Saedeleer 'My Neighbour's house' from 1923.


"There's that empty chair. Someone should have been sitting there."

Storytelling by Stijn Meuris

Stijn tells a story about Gustave De Smet "Woman at the window on a holiday" from 1935.

"I saw nothing but white. It was so beautiful like in a fairy tale."

Storytelling by Bashir Abdi

Bashir tells a story about Valerius De Saedeleer 'Winter landscape with hay bales' from 1931.

"Frits Van den Berghe was afraid of every coming night."

Storytelling by Hans Bourlon

Hans tells a story about Frits Van den Berghe 'Selfportrait with skull' from 1938.

"In many religions there are discussions about whether or not depict God."

Storytelling by Khalid Benhaddou

Khalid tells a story about Albert Servaes 'Christ on the cross' from 1922.

"I would like to be this lady, she seems happy."

Storytelling by Lieve Blancquaert

Lieve tells a story about Théo Van Rysselberghe 'The sleeping model' from 1924.

"Prudence was not happy in Mechlin. Her man understood her."

Storytelling by Bart Somers

Bart tells a story about Gustave Van de Woestyne "Early spring" from 1926.

"The classroom looks the same as 100 years ago."

Storytelling byAnneleen Van Speybroeck

Anneleen tells a story about Jenny Montigny "Classroom in Deurle" from 1920.


Storytelling by Jo De Meyere

Jo tells stories about  Emile Claus, Jenny Montigny, Xavier Mellery, Prosper De Troyer, Oscar Verpoorten, Anto Carte, de broers Gustave en Léon De Smet en Valerius De Saedeleer.

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Het Kunstuur Roeselare in the church Sint-Amands.

De Coninckplein 5
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