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Het Kunstuur in Hasselt

Masterpieces by Belgian artists from the period 1850 – 1950, exhibited in a unique way. Flemish celebrities talk about their connection with the artist or artwork.

Now in Het Kunstuur Hasselt

The third exhibition in Hasselt runs from 29/04/24 till 03/11/24

"People will say “I can do that as well”"

Storytelling by Stijn Meuris, musician

Stijn tells a story about Gustave De Smet's painting 'Woman by the window on holiday' (1935).

"And suddenly it said, ‘Butchery Gaston Van den Eynde and son’."

Storytelling by Lucas Van den Eynde, actor

Lucas tells a story about Constant Permeke's 'The butcher' (1916).

"I was actually born in that painting."

Storytelling by Wim Lybaert, TV presenter

Wim tells a story about Jenny Montigny's 'Children in the flower garden' (1927).

"At that time I thought, something extraordinary is about to happen..."

Storytelling by Maaike Cafmeyer, actor

Maaike tells a story about Emile Claus' painting 'The communicants' (1893).

"The boy died because of measles when he was two and a half years old."

Storytelling by Fatma Taspinar, journalist

Fatma tells a story about Constant Permeke's 'Motherhood' (+/- 1924).

"I too went to a uniform school for six years."

Storytelling by Annelies Verlinden, politician

Annelies tells a story about Léon Spilliaert's painting 'Girls with white stockings' (1912).

"We live in societies that are addicted to fossil fuels."

Storytelling by Anuna De Wever, climate and human rights activist

Anuna tells a story about Pierre Paulus de Châtelet's painting 'Miner' (year unknown).

"Hello little man with the bike on the vase with the flower, ploem ploem"

Storytelling by Els Dottermans

Els tells a story about Floris Jespers' painting "Marc greets things in the morning" from 1925-1926.

"I danced for hours in front of the nude paintings of Permeke."

Storytelling by Guinevere Claeys

Guinevere tells a story about Constant Permeke's painting "Standing nudity" (Year unknown).

"My father-in-law Gustave Van de Woestyne was tempted by two girls."

Storytelling by Huguette Vanagt

Huguette tells a story about Gustave Van de Woestyne's painting "The liqueur drinkers" (1922).

"Oh guilder sweet memory of that wond’rous night! "

Storytelling by Wim Opbrouck

Wim tells a story about Valerius De Saedeleer's "Old orchard in the snow" (+/- 1925).

"This gold medal connects me to this beautiful painting."

Storytelling by Elodie Ouédraogo

Elodie tells a story about Alfred Ost's "The tenor and the soprano" (+/- 1910).

"Stop drawing so beautifully, Dirk. Art is something different."

Storytelling by Dirk De Wachter

Dirk tells a story about Constant Permeke's "The wiedster" (1931).

"The milkman drinks his own milk in the street."

Storytelling by Mark Uytterhoeven

Mark tells a story about Prosper De Troyer's painting "The history of milk" (1927).

“ I used to play on the piano of my auntie Ria.”

Storytelling by Gert Verhulst

Gert’s story accompanies the work ‘Portrait of René de Clercq’ from 1920.

'We are also looking at ourselves as in a mirror '

Storytelling by Joost and Hans Bourlon

Joost and Hans tell a story about Léon De Smet 'Woman looking at herself in the mirror' from 1909.

Storytelling by Chris Brooker


Chris tells stories about Firmin Baes, Léon De Smet, Frits Van den Berghe, Evarist De Buck, Constant Permeke, Gustave Van de Woestyne and Henry de Groux.

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Het Kunstuur in the historic town hall of Hasselt

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