Het Kunstuur Mechlin 2 from 13/02/21 till 30/09/21

Masterpieces by Belgian artists from the period 1850-1950 presented in a unique way.  Flemish celebrities talked about their link with the artist or with the painting.

The second exhibition in Mechlin could be visited from 13th February 2021 until 30th September 2021
Emile Claus

"Stop drawing so beautifully, Dirk. Art is something different. Look at those hands, that is art."


Storytelling by Dirk De Wachter

Dirk tells a story about Constant Permeke's "The wiedster" (1931).

"I was born in the same year James Ensor died. Ensor is my mentor."


Storytelling by Arno

Arno tells a story about James Ensor's "The drunks" from 1883

"We were sitting with landscape painter Valerius de Saedeleer, on the patio of his 'house on the hill', in Tieghem. The sun had already set."


Storytelling by Wim Opbrouck

Wim tells a story about Valerius De Saedeleer's "Old orchard in the snow" (+/- 1925).

"The widow is wearing a face mask. It is possible, because at that time there was the Spanish flue."


Storytelling by Marc Van Ranst

Marc tells a story about Albert Servaes' painting "The farmers life": "Putting the dead in coffins", "Funeral service" and "Funeral procession" from 1920.

"Singing opera is a top sport. And this gold medal connects me to this beautiful painting."


Storytelling by Elodie Ouédraogo

Elodie tells a story about Alfred Ost's "The tenor and the soprano" (+/- 1910).

"I would love to be that woman right at the moment that I am looking at her, she is enjoying herself."


Storytelling by Lieve Blancquaert

Lieve tells a story about Théo Van Rysselberghe's "The retired model" (1924).

"I also went there to kindergarten. It has completely changed."


Storytelling by Arno

Arno tells a story about Jean Brusselmans' "Lighthouse in Ostend" (1936).

"Hello little man with the bike on the vase with the flower, ploem ploem"


Storytelling by Els Dottermans

Els tells a story about Floris Jespers' painting "Marc greets things in the morning" from 1925-1926.

"It was too cold and when it's too cold the snow doesn't stick and then you can't throw snowballs."


Storytelling by Jill Peeters

Jill tells a story about Jenny Montigny's painting "Children playing in the snow" (1910).

"Milleke melleke mol. My grandfather saw the milkman drinking his own milk in the street."


Storytelling by Mark Uytterhoeven

Mark tells a story about Prosper De Troyer's painting "The history of milk" (1927).

"Gustave De Smet acknowledges the depth and melancholy of the circus, it was art, not tricks."


Storytelling by Danny Ronaldo

Danny tells a story about Gustave De Smet's painting "The figure skater" (1928).

"I danced for hours in front of, next to and in-between the nude paintings of Permeke. They were my audience."


Storytelling by Guinevere Claeys

Guinevere tells a story about Constant Permeke's painting "Standing nudity" (Year unknown).

"A sailor could save him, he was ill for months, that's why I'm here."


Storytelling by Bart Somers

Bart tells a story about Anna Boch's painting "Quay in Mechelen" (1906).

"It seems like the light and life is in the dead and death is in the living"


Storytelling by Alain Platel

Alain tells a story about Constant Permeke's painting "The farewell" from 1948.

"You realize, in 10 seconds I'm going to ring the bell and the door is going to open and I'm going to ruin these people's lives. "


Storytelling by Alain Remue

Alain tells a story about Frits Van den Berghe's painting "Obsession" (1919).

"My father-in-law Gustave Van de Woestyne was tempted by two girls. They offered him an elesir d’amore."


Storytelling by Huguette Vanagt

Huguette tells a story about Gustave Van de Woestyne's painting "The liqueur drinkers" (1922).

Fascinating life stories told by


Storytelling by Jo De Meyere

Jo tells stories about the paintings of Xavier Mellery, Eugène Laermans, Prosper De Troyer, Rik Wouters, Léon De Smet, Floris Jespers, Frits Van den Berghe and Emile Claus. All of this, while you're watching the masterpieces from the painters.