Het Kunstuur Mechlin 1 from 27/11/19 till 31/01/21

Masterpieces by Belgian artists from the period 1887 – 1938, exhibited in a unique way. Flemish celebrities speak about their connection with the artist or artwork.

The first exhibition Het Kunstuur Mechlin could be visited from 27th November 2019 till 31st January 2021.
Valerius De Saedeleer

“Valerius De Saedeleer lived in a stunning environment! I wonder if he had ever seen the Tour of Flanders pass by?”

Narration by Tom Boonen

Tom’s story accompanies the work ‘My Neighbour’s House’ from 1923, by Valerius De Saedeleer.

“Frits Van de Berghe painted the piano of my auntie Ria, I used to play on it.”

Narration by Gert Verhulst

Gert’s story accompanies the work ‘Portrait of René de Clercq’ from 1920.

“Why do we see so much nude in art, especially female nude?”

Narration by Goedele Liekens

Goedele’s story accompanies the work ‘Louise’ by Léon De Smet from 1916.

“This is the borsalino of my grandfather, Propser De Troyer. Might he have known the blonde Catherine?”

Narration by Mark Uytterhoeven

Mark’s story accompanies the work ‘The Blonde Catherine’ by Prosper De Troyer from 1936.

“During the filming of Daens, the cameraman suddenly shouted… Stijn, I saw Laermans.”

Narration by Stijn Coninx

Stijn’ story accompanies the work ‘The Drunk’ by Eugène Laermans from 1898.

“When I look at this painting, I recognize myself in it, my own impotency. I also have to sow.”

Narration by Jozef De Kesel

Jozef’s story accompanies the work ‘The Bad Sower’ by Gustave Van de Woestyne from 1908.

“This man was so overwhelmed with emotion that he died then and there at his desk, the day after the liberation.”

Narration by Bart Somers

Bart’s story accompanies the work ‘Portrait of knight Karel Dessain’ by Gustave Van de Woestyne from 1929.

“But before you show dollar signs in your eyes, remember that the real value of a work of art lies in how much it affects you.”

Narration by Geert Noels

Geert’s story accompanies the work ‘The Bathing Ladies’ by Théo Van Rysselberghe from +/- 1920.

“I saw nothing but white. It was so beautiful like in a fairy tale.”

Narration by Bashir Abdi

Bashir’s story accompanies the work ‘Winter landscape with hay bales’ by Valerius De Saedeleer from 1931.

“Frits Van den Berghe was afraid of every coming night.”

Narration by Hans Bourlon

Hans’ story accompanies the work ‘Self-portrait With Skull’ by Frits Van den Berghe from 1938.

“A hundred years ago, mussels were the poor man’s oyster. You can smell the mussels here.”

Narration by Pascale Naessens

Pascale’s story accompanies the work ‘The Mussel Eaters’ by Gustave De Smet from 1923.

“Depicting God remains a sensitive subject in many religions.”

Narration by Khalid Benhaddou

Khalid’s story accompanies the work ‘Christ on the Cross’ by Albert Servaes from 1922.

Fascinating life stories narrated by

Narration by Jo De Meyere

Jo tells stories with works by Emile Claus, Jenny Montigny, Oscar Verpoorten, Anto Carte, brother Gustave en Léon De Smet, Constant Permeke and Valerius De Saedeleer. All at the same time you admire masterpieces by these artists.