Het Kunstuur Mechlin 4 from 16/05/22 till 30/11/22

The fourth exhibition of Het Kunstuur can be visited from 16th May 2022  until 30th November 2022. New paintings, new narrators and new stories. The concept stays the same: Belgian painter artists from the period 1850-1950 with stories told by Flemish celebrities and lesser-known celebrities accompanied by music from Dirk Brossé.

The fourth exhibition in Mechlin runs from 16/05/22 till 30/11/22
Evarist De Buck Zelfportret

"My grandparents' profession, my father's hobby."

Storytelling by Alexander De Croo, Prime Minister of Belgium

Alexander tells a story about Valerius De Saedeleer's painting 'Before spring' (+/- 1908).

"I still work in the same way too."

Storytelling by Sir Dirk Brossé, composer

Dirk tells a story about Jenny Montigny's painting 'Jules-Toussaint De Sutter at the piano' (1912).

Such masterpieces attract the attention of our international collectors."

Storytelling by Pauline Haon, 20th and 21st century specialist at Christie's auction house

Pauline tells a story about Gustave De Smet's painting 'The blue canapé' (1928).

"We live in societies that are addicted to fossil fuels."

Storytelling by Anuna De Wever, climate and human rights activist

Anuna tells a story about Pierre Paulus de Châtelet's painting 'Miner' (year unknown).

"By order of the Gestapo, ‘Mansard’ was removed from an exhibition."

Storytelling by Bruno De Wever, professor and historian

Bruno tells a story about Jean Brusselmans' painting 'Mansard II' (1939).

"When I took off in the moonlight, I often thought about this painting."

Storytelling by Jean-Jacques Speyer, professor and civil aeronautics engineer

Jean-Jacques tells a story about René Magritte's painting 'The depths of pleasure' (1947).

"5000 niños de la guerra were taken care of in Belgium in 1936."

Storytelling by Phara de Aguirrejournalist

Phara tells a story about Victor Leclercq's painting 'Juan' (1936).

"Our accordionist has just played in a minor key."

Storytelling by Jan De Smetmusician

Jan tells a story about Prosper De Troyer's painting 'Miner with accordeon' (1928).

"With the rotting smell of the retting as well"

Storytelling by Baron Piet Vanthemsche, intendant of the Flemish government

Piet tells a story about Albert Saverys' painting 'Rootbakken' (1921).

"I too went to a uniform school for six years."

Storytelling by Annelies Verlinden, politician

Annelies tells a story about Léon Spilliaert's painting 'Girls with white stockings' (1912).

"A piece was cut from this work and sent as proof."

Storytelling by Martin Van Steenbrugge, ex-undercover agent specialised in art theft

Martin tells a story about James Ensor's painting 'My dead mother' (1915).

"We had our spades and buckets with us, and I started to dig a hole."

Storytelling by Christa Verledens, housewife

Christa tells a story about James Ensor's painting 'View of Mariakerke' (1901).

"Then I myself had psychotic, hallucinatory symptoms."

Storytelling by Dirk De Wachter, psychiatrist

Dirk tells a story about Floris Jespers' painting 'Moonstruck man' (1926).

"Did you know your great-grandfather? The chance is small. "

Storytelling by Piet Piron, a former judge

Piet tells a story about Valerius de Saedeleer's paintings 'Winter evening' (1924) and 'Deep winter' (+/- 1927).

"I describe the paintings as they exist in my memory."

Storytelling by Bart Van Peer, employee at the Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp

Bart tells a story about Gustave Van de Woestyne's painting 'Azure' (1928).

Storytelling by Chris Brooker


Chris tells stories about Firmin Baes, Evarist De Buck, Eugeen Van Mieghem, Léon De Smet, Jakob Smits, Charles Degroux, Henry De Groux and Rik Wouters.