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1.    General – What is this cookie policy for?

1.1.    The website available on the address (hereinafter referred to as: the ‘Website” is exploited by and the property of BVBA Oliver, seated in Grimbergen (hereinafter referred to as: “BVBA Oliver”, “we” or “us”).

BVBA Oliver is responsible for processing your personal data which she acquires when you visit the website (for example your IP-address). More information about the processing of your personal data can be found in our privacy policy:

1.2.    This cookie policy is electronically available to you and is accessible at all times under section ‘Cookie Policy’ on our website. We reserve the right to amend the cookie policy at all times. This cookie policy was last amended in November 2019.

2.    What are cookies and what are they for?

2.1.    Cookies are small date files that are saved by your brower onto your computer’s or device’s hard drive whenever you visit a website.

2.2.    Cookies facilitate the interaction between the visitor and the website and are used to improve the user experience and to compile statistics amongst the website’s visitors.  Cookies also enable your personal settings and preferences to be stored or that audio and video files can be played back. Certain cookies may be placed by a third party, for example Google Analytics, in order to measure the usage of the website.

3.    The cookies on the website

3.1.1 BVBA Oliver uses different kinds of cookies on the Website:

i.    Session cookies: these are cookies that save certain preferences during a browsing session but disappear when you finish the browsing session.

ii.    Permanent cookies: These are cookies that remain permanently on your device, up until their duration expires.

iii.    Purely technical cookies: these cookies are necessary for the optimal functioning of the Website, in order to display certain graphic elements etc. 

iv.    Analytical cookies: these cookies are used to create statistics of the number of visitors of the Website, the most popular pages etc. (for example Google Analytics).

3.2.    Below you will find a more detailed summary and description of the cookies on the Website:

Functional cookies: These cookies are placed by Drupal or Checkfront to retain preferences of the visitor. These are necessary for the optimal functioning of the system. Some cookies are session cookies that are only retained throughout the duration of the session. Other cookies have a longer lifespan. An example of a cookie is a cookie-agreed cookie. These retain which users agreed with the cookie warning.

Analytical cookies: these are placed by Google Analytics to map out the web traffic on the website. These cookies save anonymous data and pass it on to Google Analytics for reporting.

4.    Managing or deleting cookies

4.1. The usage of cookies can be switched off via your computer or other device (your web browser settings).

Depending on the website, you can do this via one of the links below: Internet Explorer - Edge - Google Chrome - FireFox - Safari.

4.2.    Subsequently, it is possible that the website does not function correctly or that certain (graphical) elements or applications on the website underperform. 

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